Friday, January 9, 2015

A Little Freshening Up

I decided this year to keep some lighted "greens" out through the winter.  The days get so long and can be dreary, but I love the soft white lighting at nights.  That is something I know I can't appreciate come spring and summer, so I wanted to make the most of the coziness while I can.
I liked having the black mantle under my shelf during Christmas. Realizing the mantle was about the same height as the cabinet that usually sits here, I knew I wanted to get out the Annie Sloan's Charcoal and Dark wax and paint it.
I had painted the cabinet a stone color 12 years ago when I bought it.  The kiddos had colored on it with crayons over the years.  I thought it was time to freshen it up.
This is the only before pic I had. It is from my phone.  I was actually taking a pic of my son sleeping hence the big feet in the middle of the cabinet.
The cabinet looks darker than what these photos show.  
ASCP Charcoal is not black, however when you wax it with Jacobean wax it darkens it up to a nice black.
 Sorry this photo gave it more of a blue tint.
 Here is what it really looks like.
 I do love the change!
I did not paint the inside of the drawers, so I still have the memory of my son's art work in one drawer. :)
Happy New Year!

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